Friday, January 21, 2011

Vanabode Camp - Travel Cheap all Over the United States

How to travel all over the United States and have all your needs met for $20 a day including food, lodging, transportation and entertainment. Includes resources for earning money while camping so you can quit your day job and travel forever also.

Would you like to camp, travel and live
anywhere in the United States you want for $20 a day?

Learn the secrets of an adventurous, romantic life,
filled with adventure and travel

Discover how to travel anywhere for as long as you like

fish river canyon by © Mikle15  -

click to buy Vanabode how to  happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day
Vanabode is delivered electronically as a PDF format eBook within 24 hours via email. This way you can enjoy the benefits of live links to hundreds of pages of additional content including job opportunities for campers, pictures, blog, and email help desk. You can read this 113 page book on any computer or device using the free Adobe Reader software that is already loaded on your computer. You may print out your own copy of the book so that you can read off-line anytime.

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